Sunday, April 16 - 2006

DM to participate in Rehab Dubai 2006

Dubai Municipality will participate in the fifth edition of Dubai International Rehabilitation Forum - Rehab Dubai 2006, which will be held from 7-9 March 2006 at the Dubai International Exhibition Center.

United Arab Emirates: Tuesday, February 28 - 2006 at 15:29 GMT+4

Khalid Mohammed Badri, Assistant Director of Public Relations and Organizations Department.
Khalid Mohammed Badri, Assistant Director of Public Relations and Organizations Department.

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The Municipality has been giving importance to people with special needs considering them as an integral part of the society, said Khalid Mohammed Badri, Assistant Director of Public Relations and Organizations Department.

"The number of people with special needs taking up jobs with Dubai Municipality has risen to 27, including four female employees," he said.

'Dubai Municipality is providing them with equal opportunities in work along with other sections of the society in its different departments and sections. People with special needs have been enjoying a great deal of encouragement from the leadership of the Municipality, which has been appointing them in different departments of the civic body and has been facilitating them to perform well in their duties,' said Badri.

"The Municipality has provided special facilities in its building for the handicapped employees. In order to make easy entry and exit for the special needs people who come on wheel chairs, car parking is made available near to the main entrance. The Municipality has also provided them with special facilities such as separate toilets and parking area for wheel chairs," he said.

"Our stall at the exhibition will showcase posters on famous handicapped people in order to boost the morale of the handicapped people here," said Badri.

He said the stall will provide a brief on the achievements of the famous handicapped people in the world in their respective fields.

Rehab 2006 exhibition will showcase the latest rehabilitation products and services. The exhibitors will be addressing severely disabled among the Arab population in excess of 10 million people who now enjoy a growing awareness of their needs and aspirations. This awareness on the part of the Islamic Governments of the Arab World has sparked a series of Rehabilitation Projects and has pushed the Arab Rehabilitation Market to an estimated US$ 7 Billion annually.

The highlight of Rehab Dubai 2006 will be a special training course held by a known academic organization that will give an internationally affiliated certificate, scientific conference that will bring together leading international experts in the field of inclusion to evolve effective, multi-disciplinary inclusion strategies for the new millennium and an exhibition.

Special pavilions will be there on accessibility and public transport, tourism and leisure for the disabled, independent living, abilympics, in addition to a mobility road show and sports for the disabled and International Rehab Village comprising disability organizations from various parts of the world.

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Notes and media contacts

Ismail Meladi,
Journalist, Media Section,
Public Relations & Organizations Department,
Dubai Municipality,
Post Box No. 67, Dubai, UAE
Ph: 971-4-2064657 (O)
Lara Lynn Golden Posted by Lara Lynn Golden, News Editor
Tuesday, February 28 - 2006 at 15:29 UAE local time (GMT+4)

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